Soviet Command Bunker R.

This abandoned Soviet bunker in the Northeastern part of Germany was the command post of the 125th Soviet fighter-bomber division. It was built around 1965 and was expanded in the late 1980s.

Due to the German reunification and the withdrawal of the Soviet troops early in the 1990s, the extension was never finished, so that only a shell exists today.

The bunker has an overall effective surface area of almost 500 square meters and was equipped with an independent power system and a filter ventilation system.

Soviet Command Bunker | Sowjetischer Gefechtsstand Lärz

Surrounding the bunker itself are the typical vehicle garages, a guard house and accommodation for the guards and the maintenance crew.


During the Cold War, the property was designated as radio direction finder (a small radio station that sends a signal for the pilots to find the runway in darkness or bad weather).

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