Soviet Military Training Area

I have found almost nothing whatsoever about this location on the internet.
Only a scientific evaluation about the developing flora in the area.
We were looking for a couple of entirely different locations - East german and Soviet bunkers in the same area - but we didn't have any exact locations for those, only some rudimentary ideas that I got from scanning Google Earth.
One of those ideas turned out to be the shooting range of the local gun club...found that out after walking a mile through the woods...
The next try however turned out to be a little gem.

We found this former soviet training area just walking through the woods. We only found the warning signs as we left - always be careful in these places, there's usually still some old ammunition contaminating the area!

After unexpectedly stumbling into the first building and then finding the second, small building, we started looking for more and more we found.
I really liked this place. Not only because of the beautiful nature, but also because of the really eerie feeling I got when I was walking through a really beautiful part of the forest in the "middle" of Germany and finding a building that had only russian "graffiti" on the walls.

Carved into the concrete walls are (presumably, but that's what I think it mostly is) the names of Soviet soldiers, their units and their hometowns.
The place was breathing history...


Visited: April 20, 2014

Location: Undisclosed, Germany

Status: Abandoned

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