Soviet Tank Army Headquarters

The 2nd Guards Tank Army (2-я гвардейская танковая армия) was a large military formation of the Red Army and later the Soviet Army, now part of the Russian Ground Forces of the Russian Federation.

The army was originally formed in early 1943 as the 2nd Tank Army. It was the first Red Army unit to enter Berlin during the Battle of Berlin. The 2nd Guards Tank Army was formed in accordance with order № 0376 of the People's Commissar of Defence of 20 November 1944, mainly from units and formations of the 2nd Tank Army, with immediate integration into the 1st 

Soviet Tank Army Headquarters in Germany

Belorussian Front. Here the army successfully took part in attack operations in the direction of Warsaw-Poznań, Inowrocław and in the Battle of Eastern Pomerania, covering around 700 km in 15 days and was temporarily taken into reserve on April 19, 1945.

The army then took part in the Battle of the Seelow Heights and the Battle of Berlin. By the end of the war, 103,352 soldiers of the army had been awarded orders and medals for bravery in battle, 221 became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

After the war, the army was subordinated to the GSSD/WGT, with the army headquarters being established in Fürstenberg (Havel), where it remained until its withdrawal in 1993.

In June 1945 it was renamed the 2nd Mechanized Guards Army, but in April 1957 the previous designation 2nd Guards Tank Army was used again. In the mid-1980s, the army de facto attained the status of a general army in terms of armament and equipment, although the previous designation was retained unchanged. By the end of 1993, the 2nd GPA (GPA=Garde-Panzerarmee, Guards Tank Army) was withdrawn to Russia and deployed in the military district of Privolsk.

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Visited: June 8, 2020 and June 13, 2021

Location: Fürstenberg, Germany

Status: Abandoned



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