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“Suffering is the fuel in the engine of civilization." - Photo by Jan Bommes

Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank

"This is a fuel tank on a fuel depot that has been used by the East German National People's Army during the cold war. There are at least two of these large tanks on the premises and a couple of smaller ones along with some more pretty rund-down  administration and storage buildings. The large tanks are about 10 to 12 meters high and about 50 to 60 meters in diameter, and they were used to store up to 7.700 cubic meters of fuel each. The acoustics are fantastic!"

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Fort V. [Revisit]

Fort Victoria

GALLERY UPDATE - New photos up!

Fort Victoria and Fort Louis - usually called Victoria Barracks - were two military facilities situated in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
They have been abandoned sinde 1994.
From 1956 until 1970, the site was used by the Canadian Forces. During the time, these were the barracks for the unmarried soldiers while their married comrades were stationed in the nearby city. The area was also home to CAE - Radio Canadian Army Europe, the first Canadian radio station on German soil. Radio shows were broadcast from here on VHF until 1970 for the Canadian soldiers in Germany....(more)

Trauma Clinic O.

Trauma Clinic O.

The year 1885 marks the beginning of the rather unspectacular history of this abandoned hospital. In that year, that the hospital was taken into operation, after many donations of the town's people had made its construction possible.
In the beginning, the hospital had four wards and some single rooms and could take care of fourty patients. Due to continuous expansion over the course of more than a century, the capacity grew to 180.
When in the year 2000, the sponsorship for the hospital went to another organization, the decline began. in 2003, the new sponsor gave up and the hospital was yet again sold and the new owner used it to house different departments of another hospital. But by 2009

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Tour Report: Fiberboard Factory R. [Revisit]

Fiberboard Factory

It was almost October, so the days were getting noticeably shorter, and we only had enough daylight to explore one more location on the first day of our tour together with Nordgriller Urbex.
My wife and I had visited this spot together with two friends on a rainy day in November of 2013 and at the time, we weren't nearly able to explore all of this relatively large place, so we took the opportunity for a revisit.
The first time we were there, we had found out that the area was cut in half by a large fence, and the more "desirable" part was beyond the fence. So this time, we approached from the other side. We parked the car by the side of the street and found a small path that supposedly led to the industrial ruin we wanted to explore...

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Abandoned Military Structures on Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay (Fri, 01 Jul 2016)
Out in the blue waters of San Francisco Bay, half way between Fog City and Oakland, the artificial Treasure Island was built in an stretch of water that was known to be hazardous for boats and shipping. The post Abandoned Military Structures on Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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No Fear: This ‘Lamborghini Diablo’ is Neither Abandoned Nor Supercar (Thu, 30 Jun 2016)
We're happy to say this 'Lamborghini Diablo' is not really abandoned. It can be found in the Hungarian village of Majosháza with other fiberglass replicas. The post No Fear: This ‘Lamborghini Diablo’ is Neither Abandoned Nor Supercar appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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The Historic Mining Town of Mogollon, New Mexico (Thu, 30 Jun 2016)
The history of New Mexico's most notorious mining town started with John Eberle's first house, built there in 1889. Today, Mogollon is an amazing piece of Old West American history, and it's open to visitors. The post The Historic Mining Town of Mogollon, New Mexico appeared first on Urban Ghosts Media.
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Zoo Zajac in Duisburg, Germany (Fri, 01 Jul 2016)
Though it's actually an enormous pet store, this collection of over 3,000 animal species rightly lives up to the "zoo" in its name. The store's customers are treated to an exhibition of some of the most incredible species on the planet. A staggering 250,000 animals, ranging from the mundane to the exotic, are sold at Zoo Zajac: Sloths, armadillos, jellyfish and peacock live side by side. The owner of this sprawling menagerie, Norbert Zajac, was already breeding and selling hamsters in his West German neighborhood by the time he was 8 years old. Next up were tortoises, guinea pigs and a crocodile. At 13, Norbert became Germany's youngest parrot breeder.  It's no surprise, then, that after a couple of stints in the steel industry and brief period in the army, the 20-year-old Zajac in 1975 opened his first pet store in the city of Duisburg. Today, Zoo Zajac operates in a vast warehouse and has been officially named the world's biggest pet store by the Guinness Book of World Records.   Zajac is famous for his epic tours of the pet store, which can last up to five hours. He'll give advice to prospective pet owners and show guests how to feed anything from grasshoppers to monitor lizards. A man of his experience knows the business of pet ownership, too: In response to popular demand, Zajac Zoo is the only pet store in Germany to sell dogs.  However, managing what is effectively a zoo is not without its risks. Zajac claims to have already died three times after his heart stopped when he was stung by a lionfish at the store.
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