Planning the next tour

Next friday, my wife and I are going to see the Motörhead show in Hamburg together with a friend.

This friend will be taking us to the East of Germany after the show, and we'll be staying until Monday. That gives uns some time to check out some new locations.

Right now I am trying to put together one or two days worth of locations.

Depending on if we get the chance to visit an abandoned nuclear power plant, we will see which other locations are on the way.

There is so much to choose from, command bunkers of the East German People's Army, castles and mansions, even a hospital and a children's sanatorium...

I have no doubt that these will be an exciting couple of days with lots of fresh air and historical stimulation!


New Galleries coming up!

Had a great tour in East Germany with some colleagues yesterday.

We visited five objects. The first three were kind of disappointing - the Soviet base has been turned into a course for motorcycles, the mansion was locked tightly, and there were dogs guarding the old brick factory.

But the psychiatric hospital was accessible! So we spent about three hours in there, and at the end, we even found the pathology!!!

Unfortunately, our last location, an abandoned golf hotel, was locked as well, so the hospital was the only successful location.

But I also managed to get some outside shots from the beautiful mansion!

So, stay tuned for the next galleries and background infos on the locations!

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10 x 10 x 10 Photographic Approaches to Kiel's Martitime Quarter

About two weeks ago, I wanted to get inside the abandoned former Navy Remand Center in my hometown to take photos, so I asked the head of the asociation that is maintaining some of the buildings in the maritime quarter if there was apossibility to get permission. They got back to me really soon. I didn't get permission for the remand center, but instead I was asked if I was interested in participating in an exhibition that is starting this Saturday. And I said yes!

It was not what I'd planned at all, and I've never had my photos displayed anywhere but on the internet, but it was an appealing proposition, so I said yes.

The task was as follows:

10 amateur photographers take photos of 10 special locations in the maritime qaurter of my hometown and present them for 10 weeks. Every photographer was alloted one location and will be displaying 5 to 10 photos in a room inside the former Navy Technical School in Kiel.

The exhibit will be opening this Saturday, Sept. 6 at 18:00.

Find out more here.

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