Hillside Hotel

The website of this abandoned hotel was still active in 2015, although the place had been closed for about ten years at that time. It is in some ways pretty similar to another well-known hotel in the region: a modern annex was built next to the frumpy, outdated older building - but in this case, the rooms of the annex are empty except for a solid amount of mold. This hotel, too, has been damaged by fire, but contrary to the other hotel, the fire here happend long after the hotel had closed down.

The fact that in a time when other hotels already provided  an internet connection for their guests, this hotel charged 2,50€/day for satellite TV clearly shows the antiquated equipment and price policies of this establishment. Next to the hotel is the house of the owner's family, which is also part of the first set of photos.

Abandoned Hotel in the Harz mountains in Germany

Gallery Update: Photos taken on October 3, 2017.

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